Thursday, 6 December 2012

Gift Wrapping Ideas with Kids

Kids just love being creative. Anything to do with craft, glue or paint and my kids are onto it in a flash!

It's easy to involve children in the gift wrapping process. Have fun, let them get messy and heavy handed with the decorating. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the masterpieces they can create.

Here are some fabulous ideas for children to decorate their own wrapping paper.

Using sticky office to decorate.

Freehand drawing onto kraft paper.

Hand printing.

Potato printing.

Sticking pompoms onto kraft paper.

Using cookie cutters to stamp prints.

Painting white paper with water colours.

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

Using rolling pin technique.
Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

And lastly, sticking washi tape in random patterns onto plain wrap.

Enjoy have some fun time with the kids doing these tutorials. A great way to pass a cold, wet and rainy afternoon.

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